23 paź 2012


hopefully she'll recover soon.

13 wrz 2012

'This dream was me and you...'

Special 25th Anniversary edition of Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé's 'Barcelona' album was released on 3rd of September 2012.
And as I post only pictures in this blog without any thoughts, I have to say that in my opinion it's the best duet, the best musical collaboration that ever happened in history. Very smart and brave, the best career move for both singers.
Needless to say I love them and 'Barcelona' is the soundtrack of my life, the album I would take on a desolate island if I had to choose one. Masterpiece. An inspiration. Magical. As for the new version of this great album I will keep my opinion to myself.
Thank you Maestra Caballé that you did it :)

More info on http://www.freddiemercury.com/institutional/news

video: 'Barcelona 2012' new HQ version by Rhys Thomas available on special edition disc box set.

Barcelona Special Edition 2012 Film [which I thought will be longer...]

10 paź 2011